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Enhanced cost efficiency via a bespoke hybrid cloud approach and yielded better economical results through integration with existing services..

Successfully facilitated a swift and comprehensive data centre move within a challenging timeframe.

Boosted performance of Helia's digital infrastructure.

Helia is Australia’s leading lenders mortgage insurance provider (LMI), supporting lender customers with LMI solutions to enable home buyers to secure a home sooner.

Helia's commitment to efficiency, reliability and practical support for lenders and their customers throughout the home loan process remains a hallmark of its business.

In the beginning of 2022, Helia was in the process of separating from its US parent company and planning a technical and operational evolution. This signalled an opportunity for a review to ensure the company was set up for success.

“What we needed was a flexible, contemporary infrastructure environment that could not only serve Helia through this transformation period but also support our continued growth into the future as we deliver more for our lender customers.”

Chief Operating Officer of Helia, Jeremy Francis

Future-proofing Helia’s infrastructure

Though the convergence of multiple intertwined requirements, Helia identified the need to upgrade its infrastructure to support its ambitious growth plans.

“The project required a partner and expert adviser that would grow with us. We wanted clear insights into what we should be doing differently and what that could deliver. And that's what CBS gave us,” explained Helia’s Head of Security and Technology, Simona Dimovski.

“It's great to work with a customer who understands where they want to go and are happy to look at the best solution for them now and into the future,” said Murray Jess, GM of Sales & Marketing at CBS. “Central to the project was Helia’s key focus on securely getting from where it was, to where it wanted to be.”

A customised Hybrid cloud and managed services plan.

Recognising the need for a robust and efficient solution, CBS stepped in as a trusted partner, bringing their wealth of experience and expertise to the table. From initial planning to execution, the CBS team ensured no detail was overlooked.

After a comprehensive analysis of Helia's current setup, strategy, and potential hosting options, CBS developed a customised ‘cloud-right’ plan instead of ‘cloud-everything’.

“The Helia team was aware they would require a few different types of hosting and managed services to enable the best outcome now and for the future. They had a clear idea what was possible in the short term, what would be commercially viable, and what they needed in the longer term to meet their goals,” said Jess.

CBS and Helia immediately established a focused core team, complemented by a larger support network, totalling around 40 dedicated professionals on each side. This collaborative approach was essential for the project.

“We worked seamlessly with a really clear and shared sense of purpose. No job was too big or too small. It's amazing what you get done when you're aligned behind a clear and shared purpose.”

Head of Security and Technology, Simona Dimovski

From the moment the contract commenced, CBS and Helia had a limited period in which to complete the entire process.

Implementing a hybrid cloud approach, CBS designed a ‘safe landing zone’ to ensure a smooth transition. This approach improved cost efficiency, performance, and security, providing an all-encompassing solution to Helia's infrastructure requirements.

“In essence this meant we would change as little as possible outside of some obsolete upgrades and consolidating any services that didn’t need to move across,” explains Jess. “The intent was to have the lowest risk transition possible and offer leading edge infrastructure from day one.”

In addition to supporting Helia’s existing Cloud footprint and ERP platform hosting, CBS offered shared and dedicated support models. Significantly, CBS’s flexible contractual model, with zero lock-in, empowered Helia with the freedom to adapt and upgrade to superior solutions in the future.

“Early on, we investigated various pathways for the optimal solution, however taking a huge jump from current state to the end goal in one giant leap would have taken longer, cost more, and added risk.” Jess says. “Our solution allowed Helia to save money from day one — without being locked in and prevented from having to move to other options down the track. We understood the business could deploy these savings to fund its future transformation.”

Cost savings and comfort for the future.

In regular consultation with Helia, CBS's solution-focused approach streamlined the process, allowing the team to complete the data centre transition within a short timeframe. Additionally, CBS’s involvement went beyond the mere technical aspects. “We ensured decision-making was swift and efficient, with issues addressed promptly. This approach was instrumental in keeping the project on track,” declared Jess.

CBS’ hybrid approach delivered immediate cost savings without compromising performance, reliability, or security. Moreover, it laid the flexibility needed for future transformation initiatives which will continue to support Helia’s strategic objectives.

25+ years of experience

95% customer satisfaction rate

Net Promoter Score of 81

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