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Digital Mailroom Solution: Transform your communications.

Mail services (inbound, outbound, paper and digital) are a core business communications channel. Data is prone to delays, errors and loss when they're inefficient or obstructed, putting your company processes and performance at risk.

Our Digital Mailroom Solution New Zealand can ingest any format or document type and work with your existing systems to remove all manual handling and increase your communications efficiency. It ensures you and your people receive their mail wherever they work, even in a rapidly evolving business environment. With no infrastructure, hardware or software investment, it swiftly alleviates the burden of disrupted mail services.

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Digital Mailroom Services: Fast. Automated. Intelligent. Accurate.

We unlock valuable data in your communications, freeing your people to focus on growing your New Zealand business. Eliminate the need for manual handling of paper, email, inbound and outbound correspondence. Increase positive customer experience through faster service response time. Extract critical data and ensure it gets to the right people, processes and systems. 

Make communications data work harder within your business today. Adjust and adapt Digital Mailroom to your unique and complex business requirements while removing manual and time-consuming handling from your back-office team. Fully hosted as a service, Digital Mailroom requires no infrastructure and can be up and running in weeks.

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Automation Toolkit

Detangle the confusion of a Digital Transformation strategy with our guide to starting your automation journey in this free-to-use tool and personalised report.

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Streamline, scale and grow with Digital Mailroom Services.

Fast access anywhere.

Secure, Cloud-based storage means you can access your Digital Mailroom from anywhere. Deliver the right data to the right person based on business requirements and definable rules.

Any document, any format, any system.

Use one system to capture everything. Digital mail can ingest any format or document type (paper-based or digital). It works with your existing systems, removing all manual handling and increasing efficiency.

Reduce manual mail handling.

Eliminate manual processing tasks with our automated inbound and outbound handling services. You can also choose to receive and send physical mail and couriered items.

Adaptive, intelligent workflows.

Fully customise your Digital Mailroom as a service model. Scan and route applications to claims departments or cheques to payment teams. Review and modify workflows or approvals and eliminate centralised physical storage.

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Optimise your back-office operations and streamline your inbound mail today with our Digital Mailroom Services.

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Our Digital Mailroom receives and scans your physical and electronic mail and converts it to a digital image, reducing the costs of handling large volumes of paper.

Delivered by experts. Trusted by industry leaders.

98.5% accuracy.

Drive organisational agility and speed. Digital Mailroom accuracy starts at 98.5%, supplying same-day, error-free data to drive accurate, effective communications. Transfer data to your CRM, ERP and payment platforms.

Intelligent capture.

Define your business rules to capture the key data from ingested documents. Capture multiple line items from invoices without manual data entry, and match invoices with outstanding purchase orders.

Streamline your communications

Whether you want to augment your internal mailroom or move your entire mailroom operations to our facilities, Digital Mailroom can confidently streamline your existing mailroom to increase efficiency and help you redeploy talent to focus on higher-value tasks.

Supporting your growth.

Even as your mail volume grows, our Digital Mailroom solution provides fast, secure mail and package routing, mail digitisation, outbound mail processing, and tracking through our secure, Cloud-based system.

No infrastructure investment.

Mail in the Cloud means there’s no need to purchase hardware or software, saving you time and money. Merge existing business systems data with incoming communications to drive process efficiency and performance. Free up your time, talent, space and resources.

Gain control.

Gain control over your paper documents and unlock key insights with Digital Mailroom Services

How does a Digital Mailroom work?

CBS New Zealand's Digital Mailroom Service offers streamlined digital services for processing and managing business documents. Using Digital Mailroom solutions, incoming documents can be automatically classified and digitised for digital storage. By providing Digital Mailroom Services to organisations, areas like customer service and information management become more efficient and accurate. Digital Mailrooms are also better equipped to access digital data from outside sources in order to provide a complete workflow when dealing with business documents.


“Due to COVID-19, Public Trust had excessive mail delays resulting in us needing to take a different approach. To help us resolve our issues, Canon Business Services ANZ initially provided mail digitisation services within our premises. Through a consultative approach, this evolved to an efficient, effective and future-proof digital mail solution for us, where our mail is now processed and delivered electronically the same day to our branches around New Zealand.” Kate Tuanau, Senior Procurement Manager, Public Trust

Case Study

Case study AU: Victoria University reduces mail handling with offsite Mailroom Management.

This case study is about how Victoria University reduce their mail, courier, and management costs, as well as their CO2 emissions. Find out more here.
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Download the Digital Mailroom data sheet to unlock your business’s mail efficiency!

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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens to the mail after it is digitised?

Once the mail is digitised it can either be securely destroyed, stored on your behalf, or returned to your offices to meet any company, industry or compliance requirements.

What happens to my physical mail?

What happens to your mail is completely up to you and can be customised to your business needs. Perhaps you need to retain physical copies for compliance, we can managed storage on your behalf. Or you may be happy to be free of the paper burden and have CBS securely destroy it. The service is customisable to your needs.

Can you index my documents?

Yes, all mail can be scanned at line item level and indexed. Allowing your organisation to extract key business data and enable effective routing of information to correct departments and stakeholders for faster decision making.

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