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Key Takeaways

Aligned ICT services with business's strategic goals

Better support, leading to fewer complaints

No downtime in service delivery at all

CBS and Wellways build a trusted, transparent working relationship that helps support Australians’ well-being.

Wellways is one of Australia’s largest and most respected mental health, well-being, and carer service providers, dedicated to ensuring all Australians lead active and fulfilling lives in their community.

The not-for-profit organisation connects people, strengthens families, and transforms communities for those experiencing disabilities or challenges to their social and emotional well-being.

“We advocate for change to make sure people can access the best possible care and information when they need it. We work with individuals, families, and the community to help them imagine and achieve better lives,” explains Nicole Traynor, Wellways’ National Manager Service Systems, Business System Transformation.

“We were experiencing difficulties with our existing Managed Services Provider (MSP), so our tender sought a new dedicated MSP that would build an honest, open relationship with our team and work “hand in hand” to design and deploy a range of ICT solutions for us.”

Nicole Traynor, Wellways’ National Manager Service Systems, Business System Transformation.

“During the CBS ANZ interviews, we were struck by just how real they were and how they really wanted to connect and collaborate with us,” she adds. “CBS wanted a genuine partnership with us, letting us drive the projects and backing us up with ICT recommendations and support. It was totally different to the MSP relationship we had in place. And it was really refreshing.”

Identifying challenges.

Winning the tender from a shortlist of eight, Canon Business Services ANZ immediately began a 2-week scoping process to understand the current environment and identify issues. We investigated Wellways’ systems across its Custom Service Desk, Infrastructure Management (IMC), Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) and Service Delivery divisions.

“Due to the incumbent MSP’s under-performance, Wellways had minimal information on their current network design or configuration,“ explains Robert William, CBS ANZ’s IT Business Development Manager.”So, our first mission was to discover and document their existing environment and systems then make recommendations on how we could address the challenges moving forward.”

CBS finds the right solutions for Wellways’ needs.

Realising an off-the-shelf solution would never complement the Support Hub model Wellways was deploying, Robert and the CBS team worked closely with the in-house team to build out a custom Service Desk.

We also proposed Infrastructure Management (IMC), Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS), and tailored our Managed Services offering to align with exactly what Wellways needed.

Our IMC team replaced the existing service with a high-performing model to enhance Wellways’ workflows. For greater security, they added a VMaaS service to identify network and software vulnerabilities and prioritise what needed fixing. On-site staff delivered ongoing support and facilitated the 8-week transition to ensure everything ran smoothly with minimal disruption.

“We’re working entirely differently with CBS on board. CBS slotted right in, and there’s been a great deal of learning about how we can support each other moving forward.”

Wellywas National Manager, Service Systems, Business Transformation, Nicole Traynor.

“For example, I absolutely want to acknowledge the work CBS put in around diversity and inclusivity,” she adds. “CBS’ efforts to meet us in the middle has really cemented a great working relationship.”

“Every meeting we have an acknowledgement of country, and CBS have really embraced it, doing some cultural workshops within Canon to make sure that everyone who works with us, in Australia and overseas, actually understands what that means to us. Going that extra mile for all the right reasons makes so much difference.”

Celebrating wins and next steps.

CBS’s customer-first approach has delivered greater transparency and flexibility for Wellways, aligning its ICT services with its strategic goal to ensure everyone in Australia can access the best possible care and information when needed.

Wellways end-users also receive better support, leading to fewer complaints and allowing the organisation to focus more time and resources on other vital projects.

CBS recently completed an SSL Wildcard certificate renewal for Wellways, and Nicole couldn’t be happier.

“CBS did the research, ticked all the boxes, and got it spot on. There was no downtime for our service delivery at all. It was a complete sigh of relief,” she explains.

With the organisation’s ICT, IMC, VMaaS and Service Delivery running smoothly, CBS is now looking to future ways we can support Wellways’ success.

The organisation has won two major Victorian State Government tenders to create new VIC Local sites that deliver local services, care and support for Victorians experiencing mental health concerns.

CBS is currently building, configuring, and deploying a Microsoft First cloud-native environment to future-proof the organisation and allow it to tender for additional VIC Local sites.

We’re working with Wellways to deploy Intune and Autopilot to replace the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) it currently uses for endpoint management. Implementing the new backup regime will ensure Wellways is regulation-compliant and can rely on safe, off-site data copies.

We’re also discussing reviewing and implementing a robust backup solution as our final major initiative for 2022.

“Coming from where we were, our partnership with CBS is a blessing,” Nicole enthuses.“It’s really become a trusting, open and transparent relationship. And it definitely makes my job a lot easier.”

25+ years of experience

95% customer satisfaction rate

20+ customers in Healthcare

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