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A hybrid cloud solution is one of the more versatile and scalable solutions a business can adopt. And while each business’ use of the cloud will differ, its overall growth is undeniable.

Gartner reports that over 90% of enterprise organisations expect to deploy hybrid cloud architecture in IT departments by the year 2020, and more than $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be affected by the shift to the cloud by 2022. This shows the versatility of the hybrid cloud model.

Adopting a hybrid architecture empowers a business to take advantage of the best of every environment based on the unique risks and benefits their business or industry faces. As a result, the business is always in control of where workloads sit. The below diagram illustrates the trade-off between risk and benefits that a hybrid cloud enables a business to manage.

Do you need to and are you ready to adopt hybrid cloud? Ask yourself the questions below, if your answer is yes to any of them then you could benefit from adopting a hybrid cloud architecture:

Do you have aging infrastructure but aren’t quite ready for a full move to Public Cloud?

Are you using Public Cloud and looking for greater control over costs and data security?

Are you trying to balance innovation with regulatory compliance and other non-technical concerns?

Do you need greater control over where and how your applications are run?

Is your dev team developing on-premise to deploy code to a Public Cloud at a rapid rate?

Are you looking to build cloud skills and capability in a more secure environment?

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Industry challenges

Businesses across all industries face increasing pressure to balance the requirements for control and compliance with commercial needs for innovation and speed to market. For example the Finance, Superannuation and Insurance sectors face a high level of tension between the following challenges:

Securely handle large volumes of personal and sensitive information.

Customer demands for innovative products/services and a streamlined customer experience.

Compliance and regulatory standards that must be met across industry, government and internal policies.

Juggling speed to market for critical business demands with time to develop new and innovative solutions.

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How does high performance hybrid cloud benefit your business?

Your organisations IT infrastructure is the underlying vehicle that drives the tools you leverage to complete a myriad of processes and tasks. How your infrastructure runs can often be an indication of how your organisation is performing. Having a flexible, scalable and high-performance environment in place enables your staff to deliver optimal services and outcomes to your customers.

Cost Predictability

Greater visibility and cost-predictability ensures your organisation can control costs, ensuring you remain clear on your cloud bill and avoid unexpected costs.

Security & Control

A private cloud environment delivers solidified control over your security posture and compliance requirements.

Accelerate Road to Cloud

Accelerate the establishment of your cloud strategy without having to build capability, worry about capacity or make CapEx investments.

Speed to Market

Deliver products and services quicker with IT focused on business initiatives rather than IT operations.

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"With Hybrid Cloud, your digital transformation takes on minimised risk, enabling it to bettter execute on business demands."

Benefits of adopting a hybrid cloud model with Canon Business Services

Work with a reputable managed service provider ensures rapid implementation of your hybrid cloud strategy without the large capital outlay and long lead times associated with building internal cloud capabilities and infrastructure.

Canon Business Services offers customers the freedom to choose the best performing environment for their workload requirements. Delivered as a managed service on a per use, per month basis, allowing your organisation to start small with one workload and scale as needed they are able to select either;

Cloud Metro, ensures delivery of continuous availability, high secure, reliable storage with high-performance computing and 99.99% uptime. PCI-DSS compliant, meeting APRA CPS234 guidelines and hosted in Tier 3 data centre, Cloud Metro is an Ultra Secure Private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, with rapid disaster recovery. Meaning you get back to focusing on your customers.

Extending out to Azure enables you to harness the agility of the public cloud alongside its flexibility and Scalability. Freeing you up to focus on driving value for your customers and delivering business outcomes, instead of being handcuffed by slow IT operations.

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Stakeholder mindsets

When it comes to implementing new IT platforms and refining overall IT strategy, priorities vary across stakeholders and industries. Something that is important for an IT Manager may not necessarily be important for a Chief Financial Officer.

We answer the question “why does cloud infrastructure matter to me?” across key stakeholders in the modern organisation.

Considerations for the IT Department

The days of IT existing as a cost-centre, entrusted to simply “keep the lights on” are nothing more than a memory. To grow and remain competitive in the digital age, IT must be seen as a business enabler, assembled with the resources and ability to drive digital experiences, create new products and services, and expand into new markets. But with the IT environment becoming more and more complex, coupled with a skills shortage and rising wage demands for talent, finding the time to innovate can be challenging.

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Considerations for the Boardroom/Executive Team

Business leaders want to see legitimate value from the technology investment. Will the solution solidify our security posture, ensure the protection of our sensitive datasets and workloads, while also allowing us to comply with changing regulatory standards? Will it deliver improved levels of organisational efficiency? Will it enable employees to focus their energy more intently on innovation? How much will it cost us? Without having a developed and mature understanding of IT, executives want the assurance their data and reputation are secure, and that there’s legitimate business value and opportunities for growth in the investment.

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Considerations for the Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) often act as the bridge between the executive team and the internal IT team; they must effectively liaise with all parties. When evaluating the value in a new solution they must assess the costs of maintaining the current environment (these are often the biggest IT expenses in terms of wages and upkeep hours), and what cost will be incurred in rolling out new technology? If so, what is the payback period on the technology before it becomes a successful cost cutting reduction strategy?

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Considerations for the End User

End users are the backbone of any organisation, performing the processes and tasks that define an organisation’s success. Staff need the right systems and security posture in place for them to perform at optimal levels of productivity and efficiency. Frontline staff are much happier and at their most productive when they’re using and have access to systems that are secure and streamlined, allowing them to perfectly execute their role.

Why is hybrid cloud important to business performance copy image

"By keeping your stakeholders front of mind, we can deliver solutions that suit your business needs"

Why choose Canon Business Services?

At Canon Business Services, our reputation is founded on ensuring the security, control and compliance of our customers most sensitive workloads. Known for our knowledgeable, personable service, we offer the most secure and flexible hosted and managed cloud offerings available in the market – helping our customers to transform the way their businesses are run. We have provided cloud hosting solutions and managed services for nearly 2 decades. You’ll benefit from the expertise of the best engineers in the industry and enjoy a level of security and reliability that’s second to none.

Next steps – free expert consultation

Whether you’re new to cloud services or a seasoned professional, a conversation with one of our cloud experts is the best way to get clarity for your project and move forward. Our expert consultations are designed to ensure the right cloud fit for your organisation, no matter where you are on your cloud journey. We’ll work alongside you to understand your business goals and determine how our hybrid cloud can help you achieve them. Get in touch today.

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